Breeding Romney Rams & Sheep

The Benefits of our Breeding Programme

The Fernleaf breeding programme is aimed at breeding rams and ewes which need less drenching and are resistant to worms and Facial Eczema. The nett result is less dags, less work for the farmer, healthier stock and greater profitability. Other breeding qualities include, high fertility, growth rate and ewe performance (mothering ability and easy care), fleece weight and quality as well as structural soundness including healthy feet.

Resistance vs. resilience

We feel that it is simpler to breed for resistance over resilience and, in any case, who wants resilient sheep that tolerate worms by scouring and producing dags? The reason for our move towards worm-resistant sheep was that we and many of our fellow farmers foresaw that worm resistance to drenches was going to become a key issue. There are two issues here:

  1. Parasites’ resistance to drenches
  2. The sheep’s own resistance to parasites

In addition, resistance has high heritability. More and more we find that farmers are coming to understand and welcome this approach.

Structural soundness (including healthy feet)

Over the years many farmers have become suspicious of “computer-bred” sheep but this has  never became an issue in the Fernleaf flock, as we always put enormous selection pressure on “structural soundness“ with special attention on sound feet. We have so much faith in this practice that we now “guarantee” the feet of our rams for 12 months. We are in the process of preparing rams to showcase the rams coming on to the market this season and will be displaying what we have to offer on this site. 

More Information see

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