Making Money with Sheep

As most farmers are aware, making money with sheep is all about reducing input costs and getting higher returns for what you produce. Fernleaf Romneys is here to help you do this by reducing inputs and increasing your revenue.

Reducing input costs.

The first area is to reduce direct costs including chemicals such as drenches, supplements, animal remedies for flystrike, facial eczema and veterinary costs.

The second area is labour costs including hired labour and of course the economic value of your time when you could be doing more productive things other than dagging, drenching and dealing with facial eczema and flystrike.

In summary, Fernleaf Rams are bred to be as worm and facial eczema resistance as possible for lower costs and less work.

Increasing your revenue.

Fernleaf Rams are bred for worm and facial eczema resistance and therefore tend to thrive better and have a greater weight gain with heavier carcasses. Part of the reason for this is that there is less scouring resulting in a more efficient uptake of feed and nutrients.

Another key factor is that healthy sheep produce higher survivability levels from conception to lambing and from birth to market.

Also, as Fernleaf Rams are bred for worm resistance, they produce firmer stools (trending towards marbling) resulting in “clean bums” and higher quality fleeces.

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