Easy-Care Low Maintenance Sheep for Sale

If you are looking for easy-care low-maintenance stock you have come to the right place.

Our rams and our ewes have been bred to be worm resistant saving you work and cost. Our rams and ewes seldom  need to be drenched, there is less likelihood of flyblow, they require little if any dagging and you should get better weight gain as they are more healthy.

Our sheep also have a good level of resistance to facial eczema lessening the need for treatment further reducing your work.

At Fernleaf we have been practising refugia and breeding towards natural immunity since 2000 so our progeny have a long established history of natural resistance.

Buying rams will help people towards the goal of parasite resistance through the heritability that comes through our bloodlines.

We also offer ewes for sale so by using a combination of both these ewes and our rams farmers are able to ‘jump start’ themselves in the quest for resistance … that is, rather than waiting generations for traits inherited through male stock only to come through, progeny from our flock will be coming through immediately with immunity built in that has taken us years to reach.

The result of this is less work and more profit for farmers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information:

Telephone: 0800 fernleaf (0800 3376 5323) or Melvin on mobile 0210 275 3847

Address: 3285 Ohura Road, RD1, Ohura, 3995

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